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Construction Management

Construction Management

When it comes to Construction Management, CSL's approach is to consult with all team members to develop a comprehensive strategy.

CSL's Construction Management model includes four phases: Pre-Construction, Tendering, Construction, and Post-Construction.

Pre-Construction Phase

  • We participate in all design meetings to ensure the Owner’s requirements are properly communicated.
  • We create a design schedule and monitor this throughout the schematic design, design development, working drawings, and final coordination stages.
  • We provide recommendations for the selection of materials, building systems, labour, time requirements for construction activities, constructability, and factors related to costs (i.e. costs of alternative material, budgets, and value engineering).

Tendering Phase

  • We issue the bid documents and pre-qualify trade contractors.
  • We prepare all contracts incorporating any bid revisions or post tender addenda in a form ready for signature by the contracting parties.
  • CSL will obtain all applicable bonds, insurance, and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) clearance certificates from successful trade contractors.

Construction Phase

  • CSL monitors and coordinates the work of all trade contractors.
  • We maintain a competent working Site Superintendent to manage and coordinate all site activities.
  • We implement and maintain procedures for coordination and communication between all parties.
  • We establish and monitor the baseline construction schedule, which is regularly updated, identifying any variance and implementing appropriate action.
  • We monitor and control project costs and accounting procedures.

Post-Construction Phase

  • CSL manages the project site clean-up and conducts a walk through, addressing any project deficiencies.
  • We ensure a smooth and proper takeover of the project and provide all proper close-out documentation.